+ Eduroam

Eduroam lets people from other higher education institutions get internet access at at both Dalhousie University and Saint Mary's University.

Mobile Device Setup: About eduroam Desktop/Laptop Setup: Setup Eduroam If you are from a different university, please look for your school in the Eduroam site: https://www.eduroam.org

+ WPA2 - Dal wireless network

Visitors at Dalhousie who need internet access, while on campus, will require a temporary guest account. All conference delegates will recieve a personalized internet ID and password when picking up thier conference badges.

Dal’s secure Wi-Fi Protected Access network – for general use (NetID required).

Windows devices

Apple Computers

Mobile devices

Get help

The Help Desk provides information and assistance with computing questions and problems, including: e-mail, password resets, wireless access, and usage of the university's IT resources.