Partner Institutions

Halifax’s many institutions of higher learning are proud to collaboratively host STLHE 2017. 

STLHE 2017 participants are able to experience the unique qualities of all partner institutions, as each will host elements of the STLHE programme.


Saint Mary’s approach to learning involves nurturing each student’s potential in a small and close-knit, yet international environment. Established in 1802 and located in the heart of Halifax, Saint Mary’s University offers undergraduate programs in arts, science, environment and commerce, as well as master’s, doctoral degrees and pre-professional programs. Study-abroad opportunities, labs, co-ops, undergraduate research positions and other experiential learning opportunities round out the Saint Mary’s learning experience.



Dalhousie University is internationally known as one of North America’s most welcoming universities. Founded in 1818, Dalhousie is one of Canada’s oldest universities, attracting more than 18,100 students from around the world. Located on Canada’s East Coast, the university blends world-class academic programs with leading-edge research.




A recognized leader in Flexible Education, professional studies, traditional Arts and Sciences and applied research, the Mount is on the threshold of a future as vital as the ocean within its sightline. Building on its distinct features and esteemed history, the Mount will become an environment for transformative learning and a university with unparalleled social impact – at home, across the country, and overseas. It is these distinctive features that make the Mount unique in the post-secondary landscape and connect our past to our future.


The University of King’s College is Canada’s oldest university, known nationally and internationally for the quality of its programs in the humanities and journalism. King’s offers an interdisciplinary approach to learning, which engages students’ individual interests. With a total student population of about 1,200, students benefit from close interactions among each other, with professors, and personalized attention.


Tradition meets innovation at NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), the University of choice for emerging creative professionals. Founded in 1887, NSCAD University is an extraordinary art institution where imaginative minds are free to explore, question and create. NSCAD’s rich history is complemented by its latest innovations, including the university’s Port Campus; a stunning architectural achievement.


Université Sainte-Anne


Université Sainte-Anne, the only French language post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia, offers university and college-level courses as well as a French immersion program and customized training in French as a second language. Sainte-Anne offers experiential learning opportunities that promote student engagement and success, and an atmosphere which encourages a culture of excellence in research and development.  

Université Sainte-Anne is a flagship institution in francophone Canada, recognized for its excellent programs, its unique and exceptional living environment, and the successes of its graduates.



NSCC is committed to building Nova Scotia's economy and quality of life through education and innovation. Serving the province through a network of 13 campuses, the College offers over 100 programs in five academic schools, reflecting labour market needs and opportunities in Nova Scotia. NSCC's primary goal: student success. In an annual survey of its graduates, the College has found 86% are employed, most in their field of choice, with close to 90% of those employed living and working in Nova Scotia.